A quick and tasty solution for a hassle-free meal!

Our boutique project of sous vide, or vacuum sealed meals, was born out of the 202 pandemic. Tired of the bland take-out formula unadapted to our braised meats and sauces and after several inquiries by our customers to buy our sauces or meats for at home self-cooking, we developed this solution. It is our version of the ready-to-eat meals.

Our sous vide meals are frozen in packets, you simply have to heat it. The sous vide process allows meats and sauces to keep their freshness and taste without preservatives. This is why we've chosen this as our preferred method of ready-to-eat meals rather than the traditional micro-wavable formula. All our meals are cooked, you are simply reheating. So no need to worry about cooking anything through. As well, all our meats come in sauces with sides. The exception is self-sustaining meals like our raviolis. Anything in house that isn't served with a side or condiments, doesn't come with a side in our boutique. Initially, we only offered a trio of vegetables, but we've developed purees and other interesting sides that can spice up from the usual.

Once you have the packets, the steps are simple:

*Important, do not open your packets before the following steps:

1) Put water in a pot and bring to boil.

2) Put the sous vide packets directly from the freezer into the pot of boiling water.

3) Wait 15 to 25 mins. keeping the water at a steady boil. Follow the instructions on each of our packets, as some meals, particularly thick meats, require a longer boil time (example; braised lamb shank, 35mins.)

4) Now you can open the packet with cisors (watch out for hot vapours!) & serve!

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