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What you'll find here:

vacuum sealed foods (sous-vide) or ready-to-eat: frozen, you heat yourself.

take-out: hot, we cook for you.

On our online shop you will find available for purchase, our wines, our desserts, our holiday on order collection, our corporate on order collection, and our ready-to-eat collection of (mostly) vacuum sealed foods. We offer a wide variety of vacuum sealed meals, you heat this yourself. The process is simple: you take out of freezer and directly boil, cut open and serve what's in the bags. The cook time is of approximately 15-25 mins depending on the items. The vacuum seal process conserves freshness and taste, which is why we prefer it over traditional micro-wave ready-to-eat options. Thus, when you make any purchase through our online store, please note that it will always be frozen.

If you're looking for our take-out menu-- that is hot food already prepared for you, CLICK HERE and you'll be redirected to our menu where you can order by phone: (438) 393-3588.