Chicken breast mushroom sauce

Chicken breast mushroom sauce

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While we could simply sell you the chicken packet and sauce and leave you to choose the sides, we choose to sell you a full meal as if you'd be eating in our company. Our sides are conserved using a vacuum seal method, so you can mostly cook them in the same fashion as below unless you wish to give yourself more trouble and grill veggies, which is fine too. 

Sides for this dish: we alternate between carrots, string beans, beets, turnip and squash and small potatoes ("pommes de terre grelot") with butter and seasoning. 

How to heat vacuum sealed foods:

*Do not open the bag just yet!

1. Boil water on stovetop.

2. Put bag directly from freezer into boiling water.

3. Patiently wait 12-20mins (or until hot enough).

3. Cut open bag with scissors or knife, serve and eat :) 

Practical tip: use tongs to get the bag out of the boiling water to avoid a few swear words...and don't forget the steam that can also be painful when you cut open the bag for serving.